Stylish Millimeter-wave imaging people screening system

AI-powered millimeter-wave imaging

Millimeter-wave (mmWave) imaging is a technology that uses electromagnetic waves in the millimeter range to create images of objects or individuals.

We at MilliScan are developing the most convenient mmWave imaging security system in the world. Our technology enables a new era of inspection.

  • Security operators can screen people from smuggling prohibited items
  • Mail and letters can be inspected from dangerous content
  • Companies can be confident that their packages include the right amount of intact products


MilliScan is using millimeter- and sub-millimeter wave frequency-diverse holograms as the core imaging technology. Artificial intelligence and trained neural networks are utilized to construct real-time imaging. This enables us to develop an imaging system that is compact and maintenance-free with high throughput capabilities.


Our imaging technology can see through opaque materials such as cardboard, glass, plastic, composites, clothes, etc.

Read more about applications where our mmWave imaging technology can be used.

Commercialization of a long research

First tests of the consept

First research funding to analyze arrays with deep-neural-network backend for millimeter-wave beamforming applications


First images

An object was hidden behind a hoodie and neural network provided first images from region of interest.


Research to business funding

Research to business funding was received in the beginning of 2022. The goal of the project is to prepare for a commercialization of a novel millimeter-wave imaging system.


Possible future solutions


We are looking for industrial partners to further develop our imaging system. Contact us if you are interested to take part in forefront of the technological development. 


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