Millimeter-wave imaging has a number of potential applications in security, food inspection, and industrial sectors. MilliScan focuses mainly on security applications. Most security applications focus in the detection of concealed weapons, illicit items, and other contraband.

MmWave imaging can detect objects hidden under clothing, paper, cardboard, some types of plastics, and other low-permittivity materials making it useful for quality inspection and security personnel at locations where the detection of prohibited items is important.

People screening with millimeter-wave imaging

People screening

MilliScan can detect metallic and non-metallic contraband hidden through clothes. The system is compact and non-intrusive which further makes the inspection effortless while respecting people’s privacy.


Its compact size enables operators to carry the imaging system in their hands or install it conveniently wherever wanted. The image will be provided in real-time, which enables efficient people flow.


Millimeter-waves are completely harmless and the detection is based on the reflected radiation from the human skin. 

Mail and letter inspection

Millimeter-wave imaging can be used for letter inspection as a means of detecting potentially dangerous or prohibited items that may be hidden inside an envelope or other piece of mail.


Especially detection of liquids and powder becomes easier and more efficient when compared to inspection with X-ray system which is the current way of inspecting mail. mmWave imaging provides more contrast to liquids and powder and letters can be shaken and movement of the substances can be viewed in real time

Millimeter-wave imaging for mail inspection
Millimeter-wave imaging for package inspection

Packaging inspection

Millimeter-waves can penetrate cardboard material and therefore quick and efficient inspection of packages becomes possible. 


In addition to security applications where dangerous and illicit items are screened, package inspection provides numerous possibilities in quality inspection applications. Package inspection allows monitoring of return frauds, damaged items inside the packages, leakages in the package, detecting anomalies in the number of goods, etc. 

Possible future solutions


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