MilliScan presented its AI-Powered millimeter-wave imaging technology at SPIE Conference in Orlando

MilliScan is excited to share our recent participation in the respected SPIE Defence + Commercial Sensing Conference, held in Orlando, Florida. This event gathers professionals, researchers, and organizations from around the world to discuss and display the latest innovations in the defense and commercial sensing sectors. Our team proudly presented the latest developments in our AI-powered millimeter-wave imaging technology, specifically tailored for security and people screening applications.

MilliScan's presentation raised interest among researchers

MilliScan took this opportunity to present the potential of our AI-powered security and people screening system to a global audience of experts and researchers. Our presentation highlighted the integration of artificial intelligence and holograms with submillimeter-wave radar, illustrating how this combination can create high frame-rate imaging of concealed objects.

The response from conference attendees was overwhelmingly positive. Our innovative technology captured the imagination of the audience, showcasing the potential for AI-powered millimeter-wave imaging to redefine the security and people screening sectors across a multitude of applications, such as airports, public events, loss prevention, and critical infrastructure protection.

AI-powered millimeter-wave imaging, SPIE conference

We are grateful for the opportunity to participate in the SPIE Defence + Commercial Sensing Conference, which allowed us to connect with industry experts, share our latest research and developments, and receive invaluable feedback from a knowledgeable audience. The enthusiastic response to our presentation has inspired us to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of AI-powered millimeter-wave imaging technology.

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