Taking inspection to the next level

Compact millimeter-wave imaging system for

We are leading the way to revolutionize the inspection of packaging, mail and people screening by developing a new imaging solution without harmful radiation. In contrast to some of the existing technologies, our solution is compact, light weight, and  maintenance free. We are operating at license-free wavelengths.


MilliScan develops a novel way of seeing through opaque materials safely and providing imaging in real-time.

Neural networks in mmWave imaging


We at MilliScan are developing the most convenient mmWave imaging security system in the world. Our technology enables a new era of inspection.

  • Security operators can screen people from smuggling prohibited items
  • Mail and letters can be inspected from dangerous content
  • Companies can be confident that their packages include the right amount of intact products 



No Harmful radiation

Millimeter waves are non-ionizing, therefore they do not pose a health hazard to people.

Real time imaging

With MilliScan imaging technology, multiple frames per second can be provided. This enables inspection in factories with high through-put.

Detection of metallic and non-metallic objects

Unlike metal detectors, MilliScan technology can be used to detect non-metal items inside clothing, packaging, and food.

Compact size

MilliScan imaging system is like a video camera. It can be used as a hand-held system for people screening and it integrates effortlessly into a production line.

Application areas

People screening

People screening

MilliScan can detect metallic and non-metallic contraband hidden through clothes or inside mail. The system is compact and non-intrusive which further makes the inspection effortless while respecting people's privacy.


Its compact size enables operators to carry the imaging system in their hands or install it conveniently wherever wanted. The image will be provided in real time, which enables efficient people flow.

Mail inspection

Mail inspection

Say goodbye to bulky and harmful x-ray inspection systems. There is a new way of inspecting mail and letters without harmful radiation.


MilliScan technology can be used to detect metallic and non-metallic objects from letters and mail. 

Especially liquids and powder is seen with the higher contrast when compared to X-ray inspection systems.

Packaging inspection

Packaging inspection

Be sure of your operations by monitoring package goods. Millimeter-waves can see through cardboard, glass, plastics, and other low-permittivity materials. This enables inspection of packaged goods without harmful radiation.


Package inspection allows monitoring of return frauds, damaged items inside the packages, leakages in the package, detecting anomalies in the number of goods, etc.


A team of passionate researchers from Aalto university

Our team has a long experience in millimeter and sub-millimeter wave imaging, sensing and calibration techniques for antenna measurements, personnel imaging, and clinical diagnostics. In addition to the academic background, the team has experience from startups in the security and NDT (non-destructive testing) sectors. 


We are looking to combine an extensive and deep technological knowledge with the industry background and commercialize a novel imaging technology for various industries. 



We are looking for industrial partners to further develop our imaging system. Contact us if you are interested to take part in forefront of the technological development. 


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